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Kundli Matching

Kundli matching also called Horoscope matching, Graha Kundli matching, Marriage compatibility, Gun milan score, Match making, Love compatibility, Horoscope Compatibility, Guna ponthanas, Kundali matching. Kundli matching should be done as per Lahari system in Vedic astrology, Indian astrology, Jyotish. Lahari system is the best system in Indian astrology compared to K.P system, B.V.Raman method and other systems.

As per Indian astrology, Vedic astrology, Hindu astrology ..Kundli Matching is Mandatory for marriage. Kundli Matching/ Horoscope matching will tell whether this couple is compatible for marriage or not. In this Kundli Matching we can find out harmonyness between couple physically, mentally, genetically. Whether this couple live long together or not? Any divorce / separations indicated? Blessed with children or not? Longevity is good or bad in both the horoscopes? Any Manglik dosha, Vaidhavya doshas present or not? Is there any chance of Native`s horoscope influence spouse or spouse family in bad way? Can we marry Gand mool Nakshatra person? Can marriage done if both are same Nakshatra? Is there any possibility of In laws harassment?

Being a Indian Astrologer, The Jyotish first should analyze Gun Milan score. Max score is 36. Minimum score required for marriage is 18. It doesn't mean below 18 score are not eligible for marriage and above 18 are eligible for marriage. Score system is only one criteria in Kundli matching. This score system depends on the Nakshatras of Bride and Bridegroom. The very important Gunas needs to match are Nadi, Bhakut, Rajju, Vedha, Sthree Dheergha, Gana ponthanas. If the couple don?t have correct date of births, tomes then you can do matching based on Naama Nakshatras (Name Nakshatras). After Gun Milan the jyotish should check Graha kundli matching.

In Graha Kundli Matching (Horoscope matching), Jyotish needs to check any Manglik dosh, Vaidhavya dosh, Brahmachari dosha, Longevity check, Kala sarpa dosha, parallel sade sati etc. And Jyotish needs to check Kutuba sthan, Chaturtha sthan, Panchama sthan, sapthama sthan (Spouse house), Astama sthan ( Soubhagya ,Mangalya sthan) in horoscopes. If in both the horoscopes Friendly planets maha dasa`s running ..then the couple will not face any disharmony between them. By checking above factors Jyotish comes to know any chances of divorce, separation, vaidhavyam after marriage. OR If any remedies necessary for them to proceed to marriage.

If saptham sthan (Marriage house) doesn't have any malefic planets vedha and saptham sthan lord in good position then the couple can go for marriage even their matching score is less. Astrologer needs to check Kutumba sthan also in the same manner of saptham sthan. If both are Manglik`s then Jyotish needs to be very careful in matching. Manglik should be in same house for both of them and it should be in same percentage. Then only they can go for marriage. Suppose Girl is 7th house Manglik and Boy is 8th house Manglik , then they should not go for marriage. This is called Manglik dosha mismatching. RAHU, SATURN, MARS ..Any two of these planets should not combinely sit in 2nd , 7th, (8th ) houses of girl and boy. Usually these combinations leads to Vaidhavya dosham or Brahmachari dosham.

Major things you need to check in Kundli Matching are :

1) Gun Milan score
2) Nadi, Bhakut, Rajju, Vedha, Gana, sthree dheergha
3) Manglik dosh
4) Kala sarp dosh
5) Parallel sade sati
6) Vaidhavya dosh
7) Brahmachari dosh
8) Mangalya sthan in girls horoscope
9) Ayush sthan in both horoscopes
10) Checking 2nd,7th houses thoroughly

If Jyotish check above things thoroughly he can come to correct judgment on Kundli matching. Both North Indian and South Indian astrology is same. Only difference is drawing kundli charts in different styles.

If you want to get your kundli matching done please go to the horoscope matching page.

Dr. Gurudeva,(Indian astrologer,Telugu astrologer,Tamil astrologer,Jyotish)