Direct consultation is free to all to contact Dr.Gurudeva either by phone: 732-448-0667(U.S.A), 020-8144-6490(U.K) or in person.-:- Talk to Dr.Gurudeva and know the solutions to your problems. -:- Gems are considered as the first remedial measure to doshas, malefic effects of planets. -:- Rings made with gems should be open on their backside except for Diamond. -:- Gems can be worn either as pendants or rings. -:- Each gem should be worn on a designated finger only. -:- Gem weight must be calculated on the basis of Strength of the planet in horoscope, Age and Weight of the person. -:- Never remove your lucky gems from your body once worn in auspicious time. -:- Only certain gems are suitable to the person. -:- Gems must be worn in auspicious time to get the excellent results. -:- Indraneelam is the most powerful gem among all gems. -:- Gems yield results in Dasas or Antar dasas of planets. -:- Yellow sapphire is not suitable to everyone, even though Guru is a natural benefic planet.

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Free Astrology Services India, Vedic Astrology, Numerology India New Delhi : Ancient Astrology is an online Astrology Service provider based in India our Services Include Numerology Chart, Vastu Architechture, Chinese Astrology, Janampatri-Horoscope, Kundli-Birth Chart

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DR.GURUDEVA,INDIAN ASTROLOGER,USA: Free Consultation @ 732-448-0667.When will you get job? When will you marry? Love broke up? Divorce?Lucky stone? Manglik? kala sarp yog? sade sati? pitru dosh? Graha dosh? Kundli matching?

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