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Autism Astrology

We can find autism possibility to the child in his birth chart itself. Here I am mentioning some of the doshas which can give autism related signs and symptoms.

1. By birth sade sati running in kundali gives lagging in develpments.

2. By birth moon maha dasa running give speech delays and mental maturity problems. Moon is mute planet.

3. Natural Cruel planets sitting in Raising sign or aspecting raising sign gives all developmental delays.

4. Mercury is a speech planet (Vaak karaka planet). Mercury debilitation gives speech delays and Intellectuality problems.

5. Deep combusted mercury also gives speech delays.

6. Debilitated moon and Rahu in lagna sthana gives mental retardation to the kids.

7. Moon, Rahu combination in horoscope is called matibhramana dosh. It gives mental maturity problems, psychiatry problems to the native.

8. Debilitated planets sitting in Raising sign or Ascendant lord is in debilitation position gives child hood health problems. If that particular planet maha dasa running, It gives autism signs and symptoms.

9. If more planets sitting in 12th house and among that any one of the planet maha dasa running, the native may suffer with developmental delays problems.

10. Mars debilitation usually gives childhood surgeries.

11. Sade sati, Rahu maha dasa when parallelly running by birth is not a good sign. the native may suffer with autism problems.

12. Amavasya, poornima both are bad. If any children born on those days or one day before to these days also suffer with mental maturity problems. At one point of time in life, they suffer with psychiatry diseases.

13. Balarista dosha has the capacity to give childhood health problems or autism related problems.

14. When one or more above said doshas present, more chances of autism to the child.

If you want to get Autism/Child health report please go to the Autism/Child health Report page.

Dr. Gurudeva,(Indian astrologer,Telugu astrologer,Tamil astrologer,Jyotish)