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** Hindi/Telugu/Tamil/Malayalam/Kannada horoscopes available. ** Direct consultation is free to all to contact Dr.Gurudeva either by phone: 732-448-0667(U.S.A), 020-8144-6490(U.K) or in person.-:- Talk to Dr.Gurudeva and know the solutions to your problems. -:- Gems are considered as the first remedial measure to doshas, malefic effects of planets. -:- Rings made with gems should be open on their backside except for Diamond. -:- Gems can be worn either as pendants or rings. -:- Each gem should be worn on a designated finger only. -:- Gem weight must be calculated on the basis of Strength of the planet in horoscope, Age and Weight of the person. -:- Never remove your lucky gems from your body once worn in auspicious time. -:- Only certain gems are suitable to the person. -:- Gems must be worn in auspicious time to get the excellent results. -:- Indraneelam is the most powerful gem among all gems. -:- Gems yield results in Dasas or Antar dasas of planets. -:- Yellow sapphire is not suitable to everyone, even though Guru is a natural benefic planet.

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Facts about Indian Astrology

Lagna (Ascendent) is very important house in Horoscope chart.

Native`s personality, health, nature can be identified by lagna sthan.

Rahu, Ketu are Virtual planets. They are not real planets.

For Vrischika lagna people Jupiter maha dasa is Vishesha raja yoga prada dasa.

For Tula lagna and Vrishabha lagna Venus Maha dasa is golden time period.

For Kanya lagna and Mithuna lagna Mercury maha dasa and Venus maha dasa`s are golden periods.

For Vrishabha lagna people saturn maha dasa also gives extra ordinary results.

Kanya lagna and Mithuna lagna people should be careful in Jupiter maha dasa. It is not a good period to them.

Meena lagna and Dhanus lagna people should be careful in Mercury maha dasa. It is bad time period.

Astamadhipathi maha dasa always gives bad results unless its involved in Vipareet raj yoga.

Kanya Rahu raja yoga karaka for all lagnas.

If Rahu sitting in lagna sthana, Gomedh will uplift their life tremondously.

Mars in 7th house always gives troubles in marriage life for of any lagna.

Jupiter in 7th house to Kanya lagna and Mithun lagna is bad.

There is No Kendradhipatya dosh to Moon and sun.

Native`s fate decides by Janma kundli-Maha dasa`s (80%). Gochar influence is only 20%.

Rahu,Venus, Mars combinations or aspections always leads to sexually transmitted diseases.

Sun, Rahu combination or aspection along with Saturn leads to cancers.

Mars, Saturn, Rahu-- Any 2 of these planets combinations in 6th house or 12th house leads to imprisonment .

Business suitable to you or not decides by 10th house, 10th house lord, Moon, Mercury and maha dasa.

Rahu, Saturn, Sun planets always favourable to medicine profession.

85% people told Gems are very effective in their life.

Genuine, Natural, Quality Gems are always pricy.

Gems yields results in their Dashas or Antar dashas.

Wearing Gems to functional malefic planets yields negative results.

Gems will show their effects within 6 months. But Indraneelam will show its effects with in 3 months.

Yellow sapphire is not suitable to all persons even though Guru is a natural benefic planet.

Wearing Gemstones Just based on raasi or nakshathra is a blind Astrology.

Prevention is better than treatment. Wearing Gemstones for upcoming health problems is always good.

Buying Gems from pious persons are always good.

Manglik dosha should be calculated in percentage basis. It must be calculated from lagna, venus, and also from moon. A single factor cannot nullify whole manglik dosha in horoscope.

When Rahu and ketu present in certain places of horoscope then it is called as sarpa dosha.

If Daridra yoga present in any horoscope the person will loose all his earnings at one time.

If Adrusta yoga or Akasmika dhana prapti present in horoscope the person will get sudden money or wealth.

For any horoscope first find out longevity of the person. Without good lifespan all yogas will be waste.

If Guru or venus present in Lagna, The Native will reach his highest position on his own.

2nd and 7th places are considered maraka sthanas.

If Mars is present in 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 or 12 houses then it is considered as manglik dosha.

For marrying a person the matching score must be more than 18/36.

Nadi and Bhakut dosha must be compatible for marriage.

Computer can only generate matching score. Only an Astrologer can tell the accurate results by analyzing horoscopes.

Consult Dr.Gurudeva for Auspicious times to elective cesarean sections. Give birth to excellent horoscope baby.

Knowing bookish knowledge of astrology is not enough to tell accurate predictions. Daivopasana and Sadhana are mandatory for Astrologers to gain 6th sense.

Gems,Poojas,Mantras,Tantras,Yantras are remedies said in Vedas.

If you follow these remedies with faith and concentration you can rectify your doshas and make effective your yogas.